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Sumargi - The Right Path of Living

Published On: October 5, 2016 03:12 PM NPT By: Subash Singh Parajuli

The book Sumargi is a biography of businessman and industrialist Ajeyaraj Sumargi  Parajuli who is also the honorary Consul of Belarus in Nepal. Sumargi in Nepali means someone who always treads the right path. The book is penned by Nirmal Kumar Thapa and Arunraj Sumargi. The book details the struggles that Ajeyaraj Sumargi faced in his endeavor to become a successful businessman and industrialist of the country.

Hetauda Lime Industry was the first mining industry in Nepal that was established by his father, Late Madhavraj Sumargi. In the decades that followed, Ajeya and his family members started numerous other businesses and earned himself the image of a visionary businessman in the country. This book accounts how a young Ajeya shouldered the business responsibilities of his family following his father’s suspicious death.

The book details Ajeya’s early struggles and is a reflection of how he was inspired to become a successful businessman following his father’s death. Inspired by his industrialist father and grandfather, Ajeya always envisioned becoming a towering industrialist in Nepal. He was able to realize his dream after relentless efforts for several decades with the blessings of Rupchhandra Bista, the founder of the ‘THAHA’ movement. Rupchandra Bista was an influential political change maker who had spread social consciousness in the hills of Palung, Tistung, Makawanpur. Ajeya has followed in the footprints of Bista throughout his life with the assistance of his own mother Bishwokanti Kalawoti and several youths.

Ajeya established the THAHA Foundation aimed at making social change in Nepal and also kept on pursuing his business goals effectively. His story could be inspirational for the youths.  

The book is also a mirror of the Nepali society especially for young businessmen and entrepreneurs who could learn a lot from Ajeya’s untold tales and his daily activities. Young entrepreneurs and businessmen could learn a number of lessons such as the need for a strong will and determination to be successful. The book chronicles the numerous obstacles and the remarkable and fascinating moments in his life and thus inspires the readers to overcome even the most overwhelming situations in life. Ajeya's mother Bishwokanti and his wife Ashmita helped him to be successful and thus could be role models for many women.

Sumargai is truly an inspiring story which also teaches how even a big businessman can live a simple life like Ajeya. The momentous photographs in the book definitely give good glimpses of his life and motivate the readers to seek their own perfect paths. Published by Maya Publication, the book has two sections, one having nine parts and the other for parts.

The book could be a source of inspiration for many to walk on the right paths and a guide to better living from a towering personality.


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