‘BBA readies students for managerial roles and entrepreneurship’

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year degree with 124 credit hours that offers fundamental concepts required in the business world. Elements of business, management, economics, marketing, accounting and finance are the backbone of BBA course, which provides an insight into management and leadership skills. The program readies students for managerial roles and entrepreneurship. 

The general teaching pedagogy of BBA, mandated by Tribhuvan University, includes class lectures, group discussions, case studies, guest lectures, role plays, research works, project works (individual and group), assignments (theoretical and practical), and term papers. The goal of BBA is to produce competent and skilled young leaders ready to take on the challenges of an ever changing world.  
Here are excerpts from some colleges providing BBA course: 

Management is required everywhere

Regan Prasain
Program Coordinator
SAIM College

Why do students prefer BBA? 
Management skill is required everywhere. We can see the need of management not only in profit making organizations but also in non-profit making organizations. BBA prepares students with sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of business. It aims at developing intellectual ability of students and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. 

How are you promoting BBA in the market?
We, at SAIM, do not only promote our program through traditional media but we promote them through the performance of our graduates in the market. Our graduates are promoting our institute and programs directly or indirectly by standing out in the crowd.  

Why do employers prefer BBA graduates?
First of all, our past graduates have proved themselves in the market that SAIMIANS are capable enough to take every challenge. They do not only have the certificate in their hands, but also have good analytical and practical knowledge in their minds. Employers obviously require return from their investment on their employees and our BBA graduates have provided them with adequate return. 

What are the basic requirements to study BBA?
As far as academic requirement is concerned, as per Pokhara University’s requirement, students need to score at least ‘C’ grade in all the subjects in grades 11 and 12. Talking about other requirements, they need to have learning, hardworking and disciplined attitude.

What are the new/latest elements introduced in BBA?
BBA is not about teaching the students to mug up the answers and present them in answer sheets. It is about being analytical, practical and realistic. We teach students through case studies and different project works. We try to make our students more practical and thus, we always motivate them to have team work and we focus on overall development rather than individual enhancement.

What type of new skills and knowledge do the students learn from BBA, which isn't possible in other subjects?
Management teaches students to be managed themselves and motivate others to be well managed. BBA teaches students to be planned and organized. It teaches students to be more realistic and teaches them different leadership, communication and practical skills. With the basic foundation of finance, marketing, human resource, operations and other dimensions of management, BBA prepares students to be future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. 

BBA alumni branding the course


Rupendra Gopali
BBA Coordinator
Prime College

Why do students prefer BBA? Why should students study it? 
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year course comprising eight semesters that offers the fundamental concepts required in today's business world. The program is designed to develop an understanding of the global business environment. The areas of this program revolve around business, management, economics, marketing, accounting, and finance. BBA provides an insight into management and leadership skills in order to develop students for managerial roles and entrepreneurship.  Students who want to pursue a career in the field of management like banking sector, multinational companies, corporate business houses and most importantly who wants to become entrepreneur looks forward to studying it.
How are you promoting BBA in the market? 
Prime College has been able to successfully produce 12 batches of BBA graduates and our graduates have been able to fulfill the market demand. 
We have a good number of alumni who have been working in various business sectors and branding our service nationally and internationally. 

What type of job/other opportunities are there in the market for BBA graduates? 
BBA graduates can get jobs in various middle-level managerial positions in sectors like advertising agencies, banking and finance sector, business consultancy, IT companies, corporate houses, government sector and even can able to start their own business as an entrepreneur. 

Why do employers prefer BBA graduates? 
BBA course comprises of professional management education with a blend of computer and management information system courses. As there is tremendous opportunity in the management field, BBA graduates can easily fill up the gap of human resource demand as they are well equipped with the needed knowledge and skills. The graduates are equipped with effective knowledge, abilities, skills, and self-confidence and are able to give presentation, prepare reports, do market research and can handle other managerial tasks. This gives an extra edge to BBA graduates and employers prefer BBA graduates over other management graduates. 

What are the  basic requirements to study BBA? 
All the plus two graduates from management and science stream or equivalent can get enrolled in the BBA program provided that it requires a minimum D+ grade in each subject in grade 11 and 12 with aggregate CGPA of 1.8 or more (or minimum second division in 10+2, PCL or equivalent securing minimum 45%). The students must also pass the CMAT (Central Management Admission Test) examination conducted by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. 

What are the new/latest elements introduced in BBA? 
In the TU curriculum, BBA students need to undertake the Summer Project in the seventh semester and Internship program in the eighth semester in the specialized domain. This strengthens the knowledge and the skills of the students in their specific areas. Apart from this, we at Prime assign projects to be done in various subjects like Macro Economics, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Business Research Methodology, Business Strategy and many more.
What type of new skills and knowledge do the students learn from BBA, which isn't possible in other subjects? 
BBA course mainly focuses on management tool courses and management core courses along with specialization courses with a little blend of Information Technology. BBA course is designed in such a way that the students can get knowledge of theoretical as well as practical concepts. 

BBA students get exposures and practical knowledge

Dr Shyam Sundar Chaudhary
Silkroad International College


Why do students prefer BBA? Why should students study it?
Whether one is a job seeker or a creator, proper and practical management is very essential. One has to be very competitive in the present context to become success in any field. And, BBA is a proven course to produce the human resource capable of not only undertaking the challenge but rather becoming successful in attaining their managerial as well as administrative goal.  

How are you promoting BBA in the market?
We are using media and marketing tools including newspapers and digital platform to show its existence in the world of branding.

What type of job/other opportunities are there in the market for BBA graduates?
As mentioned before, BBA graduates can go for entrepreneurship as well as intrapreneurship or in any kind of administrative or managerial work.

Why do employers prefer BBA graduates?
In my opinion, they get a complete package in BBA graduates, who fit everywhere. The students get exposures and practical knowledge during their studies that help them solve the problems.

What are the basic requirements to study BBA?
Well, BBA at Silkroad is a multidisciplinary course. A +2-graduate or equivalent from any stream with a minimum grade D+ and GPA 2.0 is eligible to apply for BBA.

What are the new/latest elements introduced in BBA?
In fact, it depends on a particular college. For example, Silkroad offers several non-credit programs like soft skills development workshop and training, marketing skills development training, entrepreneurship development training etc in association with LCCI Global Qualifications, Antarprerana Nepal and Jobs Dynamics Pvt Ltd.

What type of new skills and knowledge do the students learn from BBA, which isn't possible in other subjects?
I have already mentioned that BBA is a complete package for any kind of managerial or administrative work. 

BBA focuses on practical training

Prof Dr Sital Kumar Karki
National Open College


Why do students prefer BBA? Why should students study it?
National Open College (NOC) established in 2000 by a group of academicians and professionals has been running BBA program since its inception.  NOC promotes access to learning. It also strives for intellectual development of students and instilling them with a sense of social responsibility and sound ethical practice.

How are you promoting BBA in the market?
We are focusing in quality education, practical knowledge, career oriented learning approach and competitive market for BBA program. We search for the best organization for internship of students. We also have guest lectures, seminars, and are focused on researched-based learning approach.

What type of job/other opportunities are there in the market for BBA graduates?
BBA graduates able to handle accounting, finance, marketing, and technological aspects of a company that help to make key strategic decisions and policy of the company. So, BBA graduates can develop their career in many fields like business, trade, corporate, entrepreneur, banking, consultancy, finance, insurance, marketing, government, NGOs, INGOs, research and development and many more.  

Why do employers prefer BBA graduates?
BBA graduates acquire the knowledge of emerging business trend and strategic understanding. They also have to study many practical subjects which help them in the job market.

What are the new/latest elements introduced in BBA?
NOC is always focused on career oriented practical knowledge for students. So we are teaching maximum 25 students in a section. Every classroom is well equipped with LED projectors and Internet, where we also evaluate the students through examinations in each semester like Module 1, Module2, Module3, individual presentations, minimum one assignment in a week, class tests, VIVA and many more evaluation tools.

Our BBA program produces employers

Dr Bishwo Udhir Poudel  Gharti
Liberty College

Why should students enroll in BBA? 
BBA is a practice-based and research-based management education program. Future managers and business leaders get enough opportunities to enhance their knowledge through skill-based learning. It adopts continuous evaluation process right from the first day rather than evaluating students only through final examination. That is why the present generation prefer BBA rather than the traditional courses.

How are you promoting BBA in the market?
Liberty College is a sister organization of Uniglobe College and Global College of Management. All these are leading institutions in the field of management education in Nepal. We focus on research based and event-based practical learning system. We support and encourage the students to organize several events throughout the calendar for practical-based learning. Our students also participate in the international workshops and seminars.

What is the scope for BBA graduates in the market?
The best part of BBA graduates from Liberty College is that they have the capability of being job providers rather than job seekers. Our students get sufficient opportunities to develop themselves as successful entrepreneurs during their four-year study. Our graduates have also proved to be successful bankers, corporate managers, government officers and traders. Some of our graduates have also pursued their higher education in reputed international universities abroad.

Why do employers prefer BBA graduates?
Due to the enriched curriculum of Pokhara University BBA Program and the practice-based learning, BBA graduates are more confident, dynamic and creative than other students taught in traditional education systems. This is what the market wants. Employers find BBA graduates more reliable, accountable, creative and enthusiast at work. 

BBA lays sound conceptual foundation and imparts practical skills

Ambika Deoja Kunwar,
Coordinator, School of Management,
Kantipur City College

Why do students prefer BBA? Why should students study it?
BBA is designed to give a practical experience to the students in the form of projects, presentations, industrial visits, and interaction with the experts from the industry. After completing this course, students can either follow their dream of launching their own start-up or work in a company. BBA is a good choice as students can know about the basics of human resource management, accounting, and marketing. Likewise, BBA being a generic course, it does not restrict students from taking up other courses. It is also the basic platform for someone who is serious about doing a good MBA program.
How are you promoting BBA in the market?
Word of mouth via the current and our alumni, including their guardian, is the primary promotion tool for BBA program of Kantipur City College. In addition to that, our annual exhibition organized by the students - KCC Exhibit- also plays a vital role in our word of mouth publicity.
What type of opportunities does the market have for BBA graduates?
Since no organization can function smoothly without management personals, BBA graduates have a huge scope. They can work in government agencies, banking and financial institutions, manufacturing houses, educational institutions, marketing agencies, and so on. They can even start their own business projects. 
Why do employers prefer BBA graduates?
Because they have practical and conceptual knowledge, it takes less time and resources to transform them into professionals. Enhancing student's interpersonal skill is one of the top priorities of BBA course, and this is very crucial for every organization.

What are some basic requirements to study BBA?
A student from any stream with a minimum of Grade C or 40% are eligible to apply for the program.
What skills are unique to your BBA program? 
 This four-year management provides students with a sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of business. Non-credit courses like Statistical Package for Social Sciences, Event Management, Soft Skills, are beneficial for their personal and professional growth. 

Along with that, KCC students get the chance to participate in events organized by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a global initiative of the United Nations.  Additionally being a member of IAESTE Nepal, an international internship program in over 86 member countries, KCC students have the opportunity to learn in an international environment. 

Publication of annual magazine, Management Scholars, has become the culture of KCC. During the publication process of this college magazine, students improve team building, conflict management, and time management skills.

Employers prefer BBA graduates 

Prakash Regmi
Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College, Pokhara

Why do students prefer BBA? Why should students study it?
Students prefer to study BBA because of its global acceptance and because it helps acquire professional skills in the early stages of their university education. Students should study BBA if they want shape their career in the business world as it offers a deep understanding and development of important business skills such as marketing, leadership, communication skills, critical thinking and decision-making.

How are you promoting BBA in the market?
BBA and BBA-BI programs at Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College are very popular. For the promote them, we organize many programs related to marketing, research, communication and field visits. Along with that our student clubs organize several programs regularly.

What type opportunities does the market offer for BBA graduates?
BBA is a globally recognized program and as such it offers ample of opportunities in the job market as soon as students graduate. Opportunities for BBA graduates is not only confined to banks and financial institutions but has plentiful scope in other sectors like multinational companies, tourism and hospitality sector, insurance companies, financial institutions among others. And they can develop their career as entrepreneurs as well. 

Why do employers prefer BBA graduates?
Employers of current generation prefer BBA graduates because of their multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills. They have been taught, asked for doing research and examined in various aspects of business managements like leadership, communication, marketing, managements, finance and accounting. In addition to, students organize several programs and work on various projects which improve their inter-personal skills and attitude. 

What are the basic requirements to study BBA?
The basic requirements is a minimum of 'C' Grade in respective subjects in Grade 11 and 12 and the entrance test of the college followed by a personal interview.

What are the new elements introduced in BBA?
It is the 'smart' way of teaching and learning. The practical and field-based education systems, students’ involvement in organizing programs and events, research-based classes and assignments are some of the new approaches implemented these days.

What skills and knowledge are unique to the BBA program? 
Our graduates acquire skills such as e-business, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, risk handling, critical thinking ability, strategic marketing plan, branding, among others. They are offered business management courses like finance, marketing, communication, psychology, research and economics, among others.

BBA graduates are hardly unemployed

Prof Dr Vishnu Khanal
Central Department of Management
Almuni Association, Kirtipur

Why do students prefer BBA?
BBA is a four-year program with eight semesters. Since a total of 120 credit hours of this course covers almost all required knowledge and skills needed for middle-class managers, especially in business sector in Nepal and abroad, BBA program has been popular among students. In fact, there is a high demand of BBA graduates with attractive salary as compared to other bachelor level courses. There are hardly any BBA graduates who are left unemployed.

What type of jobs and other opportunities are there for BBA graduates?
BBA graduates have a variety of career prospects and opportunities. Graduates of other academic degrees do not have such multi-sectoral job areas.  Some of the most attractive and highly paid positions for BBA graduates include administrative officers, managers, advertising managers, marketing managers, public relation managers, budget analysts, financial analysts, financial managers, government accountants, auditors, human resource managers, loan officers, councilors, logistic officers, management accountants, internal auditors, tax officers, examiners and revenue officers and bank managers. 

What is the content of BBA program in Nepal? 
BBA program under Tribhuvan University has a total of 120 total credit hours. There are eight semesters in the four-year course and each semester carries 15 credit hours. The courses are designed with various subjects keeping in view of the knowledge and skills required for middle-class managers.  The Subject Committee under the Faculty of Management of TU revises the course after certain time intervals as per the changing requirement of the job market. 

Why do employers prefer BBA graduates? 
The courses taught to BBA graduates till the eighth semester in campuses cover wide variety of subjects. The capacity and efficiency of BBA graduates have been already tested by various employment agencies and corporate houses including banks and government organizations since the first batch of BBA graduates in 2060 BS. This is the main reason why employers prefer BBA graduates. 

BBA for globally competent professionals


Why should students study BBA?
BBA itself is very dynamic and a course with global appeal. Its contents are similar world-wide. It produces globally competitive and future corporate leaders locally.

How are you promoting BBA in the market?
Platinum has its unique propositions in terms of academic excellence, students' diversity and personalized care which has supported word-of-mouth publicity of our college. Apart from this, we believe in optimizing the level of satisfaction of our stakeholders, mainly students and their parents/guardians. We are highly active on digital platforms too. Our students’ involvement in various activities has further promoted our college in society and related fraternity.

What opportunities does the market have for BBA graduates?
BBA graduates are compatible in any areas and field. Almost 57% of our recently passed-out batch are in corporate world mainly banks, government services, insurance companies, telecommunications, trading houses, NGOSs/INGOs etc. Some of them have become entrepreneur as well. Around 40% of Platinum’s BBA graduates have gone abroad for further studies within 2 years of completion of the program.

 Why do employers prefer BBA graduates?
BBA course provides competent human resources equipped with the management know-how. And since management is required in all industries including hospitality (hotels and hospitals), BBA graduates are always in demand. 

What are recently added elements in BBA?
Apart from regular course updates by the university subject committee, new elements like orientation programs, fieldworks, guest lecturing, seminars, workshops, industrial tours, among others have beed added to the program. At Platinum, we offer additional activities as part of Platinum Leadership Academy, Platinum Business Lab and Platinum Students Club where in students are provided with a platform to further nurture their soft skills, incubating and executing business ideas, among others. 


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