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Students in recent years are found preferring certain subjects while being reluctant to study some other courses. According to top officials of various colleges directly overseeing the academic affairs, Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is one of the highly demanded programs offered by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University.

They say BBM program is designed to address national and international needs of management education with the aim of developing efficient and capable human resources for business, government and social sectors. The course ensures flexibility that allows incorporating latest development of theory and practice in management in both domestic as well as international markets. 

This program is based on semester system, which covers four years spreading over eight semesters. Each semester consists of 16 weeks of intensive study. The program covers 120 credit hours. The curricular structure includes business tool courses, business foundation courses, computer courses, focus area courses and elective courses as well. 

The program aims to develop students’ skills in creative thinking, decision making, leadership, communication, and gain understanding of operations and change and develop students’ understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, and effective management of business operations in a dynamic business environment.

After completion of BBM, they can study Master’s in Business Management (MBM), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Business Studies (MBS), MBA in Global Leadership and Management, Master of Finance and Control (MFC). Here are some excerpts:

BBM course is updated as per market demands

Roopak Joshi
Khwopa College, Bhaktapur

Why do students prefer BBM? Why should students study it?
BBM is a new management course offered by TU. So the course is updated as per the market demands. Students get choice of electives and focus area as per their interest. The focus area starts from the fifth semester so students can concentrate on their area of interest. Student-oriented teaching pedagogy is used. We focus on overall personality development of each student.

What type of job opportunities are there in the market for BBM graduates?
BBM graduated will equip students with knowledge of elective and focus area subjects, so they can be eligible for any sector. These days, most of the students prefer job in banking and insurance sectors. Besides, BBM gives top priority to entrepreneurship and enterprise development. It will motivate BBM graduates to become entrepreneurs. The curriculum of BBM is developed accordingly, so that the students can get jobs in any business sector.

Why do employers prefer BBM graduates?
Employers prefer good employees with sound knowledge of their subject areas. Most of the courses of BBM are similar to other management programs like BBA but the difference is the elective subjects which help students to prepare for any job in the market.

What are the basic requirements to study BBM?
The basic requirements are at least D+ in each subject or 1.8 GPA, and CMAT exam. Admission will be on merit basis.

What are the latest elements introduced in BBM?
The courses are updated in BBM since it is a new program. The new element introduced is the electives and focus area which can be chosen from the fifth semester and not the last semester. Subjects like micro finance, computer-based financial accounting, creativity and innovation are some new elements in BBM program.

What types of new skills and knowledge do the students learn from BBM, which isn't possible in other subjects?
Students have to study 38 different courses with internship or project report writing. It covers not only areas of management but also subjects like psychology, Nepalese society and politics, sociology for business, e-commerce, and database management. Students also have to study core subjects, which are essential for decision making in business. Then, they have to choose their focus area. Forty percent of the total marks will be awarded on the basis of internal exam and presentation. In Khwopa College, we are providing additional non-credit courses like fundamentals of computer, personality development, banking trainings, training of different software and many more with field visits. 

The most important thing is that the course is affordable at just Rs 347,000 including security deposits. Since the college is run by Bhaktapur Municipality, we are not a profit-oriented and we will not compromise in quality.

How are you promoting BBM in the market?
We have a counseling team which provides orientation to the students regarding their queries. Since its establishment, students of Khwopa College have secured gold metal two times in MBS program. The overall result of Khwopa is very good. 

BBM makes graduates capable to manage organizations

Bivab Neupane
Program Head
Bachelors and Masters Degree (Management)
GoldenGate Int’l College

Why do students prefer BBM? Why should students study it?
BBM is a new program recently introduced by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University (TU) with updated course contents. It is a four-year (eight-semester) program. It aims to keep students updated with the changing needs of the current market. The course contents are highly advanced and upgraded that meet the global expectations in comparison to other similar programs offered in the country.

Students are suggested to study BBM because the program aims to equip its graduates with necessary and relevant knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue a career in business management in the changing and challenging environment. The program also helps students in creative thinking, decision making, and enhancing communication and leadership skills. In addition, BBM allows students to develop understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, and effective management of business operation in a dynamic business environment.

What type of job opportunities are there in the market for BBM graduates?
There are many job opportunities for the BBM graduates. For instance, financial institutions, such as Nepal Rastra Bank, commercial banks, development banks, finance and micro finance companies, and insurance companies, big business houses, manufacturing and service sectors, industries, NGOs and INGOs prefer BBM graduates. They also get opportunities to join government service and many other global jobs.

To sum up, every organization needs qualified manpower to run the institution smoothly. BBM program prepares candidates to handle and manage the organization efficiently in both government and non-government organizations.

Why do employers prefer BBM graduates?
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is such a program which is offered by TU to cater to the needs of the businesses world that is being challenged by the advent of information technology, a new mode of communication and production, automation and artificial intelligence. 
This program also intends to produce well-equipped human resources so that they will be able to innovate ideas to cope up with the challenges of the ‘smart generation’.  BBM is the upgraded version of BBA which is designed on the basis of market needs. 

What are the basic requirements to study BBM?
Students from any discipline can study BBM. There are two eligibility criteria to be enrolled in this program - first is that the students should pass 10+2 with minimum D+ grade in each subject or minimum 45% or 1.8 CGPA and the another criteria is that they must pass the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) exams conducted by Tribhuvan University (TU).

How are credit hours segregated? Is there any new course or system introduced in BBM?
This is a 4-year program spread over eight semesters with each semester having 16 weeks of intensive study. Students will have to go through 120 credit hours of teaching and learning activities during the program. The curricular structure consists of business foundation course with 48 credit hours, business tool course with 36 credit hours, focus area course with 15 credit hours, elective course with 9 credit hours, information technology course with 6 credit hours, and internship for report writing with 6 credit hours.

What types of new skills and knowledge do the students learn from BBM, which isn't possible in other subjects?
This course is inclined toward a moderate use of information technology. Program such as computer-based accounting, statistical and mathematical analysis using software are the key strengths of the course. Unlike other similar programs, this program allows specialization of students. They can opt for their choice of subject from the fifth semester onward. This will help in producing specific and sectoral human resource. This course nurtures entrepreneurship development among students and effective management of business operation – something very demanding in the changing market.

How are you promoting BBM in the market?
We are not doing any virtual exaggeration to promote BBM program. We are giving proper direction and guidance to the students by showing the importance of BBM program in the current global arena. 
Besides this, we put information about BBM program on our websites and GoldenGate International College (GGIC) fan page on Facebook so that interested candidates would get idea about the program

Why study BBM in GoldenGate International College?
In addition to regular classes, GGIC focuses on the presentation, project work, case analysis, group work, and group discussion.  Assignment is an integral component of teaching learning process under this program. Further, students will have the opportunity to participate in field visits, industrial visits, mini-research in different research topics, and internship in reputed institutions. 

A series of guest lectures, event management programs and other extracurricular activities will be the additional strengths of the program. With an objective to enhance and hone the skills of students, this program is well designed with additional non-credit courses. 

Trainings on London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Professional Banking, Professional Computer-Based Accounting, Proposal Writing and Research Methodology training, and other soft skill training are the key trainings provided during the program. The objective of these trainings is to bridge the gap between formal academic contents and the changing market needs. The college ensures placement for students.

BBM graduates are taught business skills practically

Dr Ghanshyam Prasad Shah
Founder, Principal
MEGA National College

Why do students prefer BBM? Why should students study it?
BBM is a newly launched course by Tribhuvan University. The course is designed with the objective of preparing students to perform leadership roles in the business and corporate world by giving them the necessary skills. It also provides a variety of subjects and specialization areas such as marketing management, financial management, operational management and human resource management. This course also prepares students for professional life to work as business manager and entrepreneur. Therefore, students can choose this subject without hesitation.

How are you promoting BBM in the market?
We believe in person to person marketing. Our bachelors and masters degree graduates are enough to promote our market among plus two graduates at least in regard of BBM at MEGA. Moreover, since it is a newly launched course by TU, we provide enough and reliable information about BBM on our college premises. 

What type of job opportunities are there in the market for BBM graduates?
After successful completion of BBM, varieties of job opportunities are there in the business and corporate world. BBM graduates can work in different positions such as business consultants, business management professional, managers for business organization, information system managers etc. This course is favorable for those who are interested in going aboard too.

What are the latest elements introduced in BBM?
The newly launched course includes a variety of subjects which are not included in other streams such as event management, insurance brokering and bank assurance, commercial property and risk management etc. Moreover, it offers the latest theories and knowledge related to finance, business, global market, information technology among others.

BBM cornerstone to producing business leaders

Sushma Maharjan
BBM Coordinator
Prime College

Why do students prefer BBM? Why should students study it?
Management skills are essential to coordinate the activities of a business and make sure all employees are working together to accomplish organizational goals. Different business development programs are available to acquire these necessary managerial skills. One of these is Bachelor of Business Management (BBM).

BBM is actually a new program introduced by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. BBM is a four-year program comprising of eight semesters divided over 120 credit hours. The program is designed in such a way that this can be the cornerstone for driving business leaders and qualified managers of the future.

Generally, students prefer the BBM program because it equips them with the knowledge, abilities, skills, and the self-confidence required for being an entrepreneur or a manager. It transforms them into a competent work force suitable to take on challenges of the present-day highly dynamic, very competitive and volatile business world.

Students should sign up for the BBM program because it is an upgraded management program that helps students to acquire in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge regarding business management. It helps them to handle hurdles that may arise in national and international business by learning various aspects of business administration and management through classroom lectures, field visits, and practical projects.

How are you promoting BBM in the market?
Prime College was established in 2001. Since its establishment, it has been offering different IT and management programs. We started offering BBM course since 2018 and we believe that offering only the core curriculum is not enough to meet the market requirements.

Therefore, based on discussion with education and market experts, we provide value- added BBM course, which can be divided into two parts: Personal development and skill development.

Personal development module consists of soft skill acquisition like leadership training, and job preparation training. Skill development comprises of computer proficiency training, stock market training, insurance training, and accounting boot camps. We believe that our students are getting a productive academic environment that is essential to enable them for pursuing their career objectives.

What type opportunities does the market have for BBM graduates?
BBM graduates are fully equipped with the required managerial and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. Therefore, they can get jobs opportunities in various levels of managerial positions in banks, mutual fund, insurance companies, advertising agencies, business consultancies, IT companies, corporate houses, tours and travel agencies, government sector, among others. Most importantly they can start up new business at national and international level.

Why do employers prefer BBM graduates?
The course curriculum of the BBM program is designed in such a way that it comprises of professional management education with a blend of computer-based financial accounting and management information system. As there is tremendous opportunity in the management field, BBM graduates can easily fill up the gap of skilled human resource requirements as they are well equipped with the needed knowledge and skills.

BBM graduates can select specialization courses in the seventh semester. However, from the fifth semester they start designing their future path of specialization by selecting the one subject under Focus Area Course I. This course helps them to have in-depth knowledge regarding their specialization course. Having specialization in specific areas enables graduates to work in specific domains like finance, marketing, and management. This also encourages employers to hire BBM graduates.

What are some basic requirements to study BBA?
All the plus two graduates from management and science stream or equivalent grade can get enroll in the BBM program provided that they have a minimum of D+ grade in each subjects in grade 11 and 12 with an aggregate CGPA 1.8 or more (or minimum second division in 10+2, PCL or equivalent securing minimum 45% or more). The students must also pass the CMAT (Central Management Admission Test) examination conducted by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. A minimum of 40 marks is required in the CMAT. 

What are the new elements introduced in BBM?
BBM program is such a program whose course curriculum is designed with an aim to impart knowledge regarding business management at the national and international level. The BBM program is based on student-centered learning approach. The general teaching methodology of the program includes interactive lectures, students’ presentations, case studies, and projects.

Apart from this, at Prime College we assign projects related to subjects like macro economics, e-Commerce, entrepreneurship, sociology, business research methodology, business strategy and many more. We also take students for various industrial and field visits with some research work. Such visits give our students more practical exposure to compete in the dynamic business world. We focus on providing an enabling environment to our students to spur their academic and intellectual growth through different types of co-curricular activities.

What type of new skills and knowledge students learn from BBM, which isn't possible in other subjects?
BBM course mainly focuses on management tool courses along with business and management core courses in addition to focus area and elective courses. BBM course is designed in such a way that the students can get theoretical knowledge as well as a practical concept. 
There are many management programs available in the management area nationally and internationally. However, BBM course is structured in such a way by TU that students need to do various assessments, case studies, class test, group discussion, research work, guest lecture sessions. This ultimately provides an extra edge to our students who can easily outperform graduates from different streams.

BBM graduates are confident in their endeavors

Nava Raj Heka
Academic Director
National College (NIST)

Why do students prefer BBM? Why should students study it?
Bachelor in Business Management (BBM) is a four-year (eight semester) management course that provides students with an understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of business. BBM is basically designed to teach student management and leadership skills that are required in the business and corporate world. Students prefer it because it is a new professional course that opens doors for entrepreneurship and management. 

How are you promoting BBM in the market?
We are promoting BBM as a new and professional course. It provides in-depth knowledge regarding entrepreneurship, financial risk analysis, trading, and commerce. It also prepares the students in an ideal manner to be ready to deal with the ever-expanding business world. The BBM program offers insight into global businesses practices to students as part of their coursework and assignments. And of course we are offering this course at low cost. 

What type opportunities are there in the market for BBM graduates?
After BBM, student can engage as mid-level managers, officers as well as entry level employee. They can find employment as business management professional, business researcher, finance managers, human resource manager, management accountants, research and development managers, business consultants, corporate and public relationship manager, and business analyst, among others. 

Why do employers prefer BBM graduates?
BBM graduates are confident in their endeavors as the course’s syllabus focuses on holistic development of the students and arms them with all the skill sets they require to perform in the real world. 

What are the basic requirements to study BBM?
At least 1.8 CGPA in +2 with minimum D+ in individual subject are basic requirement. Apart from that, at least 40 mark in CMAT.

What are the new elements introduced in BBM?
It offers wider focus area for specialization. Besides, BBM has electives courses, research options, exposure to information technology and internship modules. 

What skills and knowledge are unique to BBM?
Training students to think analytically, take fact based decision-making, develop technical, interpersonal and technological skills along with strong managerial skills are unique to the BBM course. 

BBM is a practical management education

Binod Luitel
BBM Program Coordinator
Trinity College 

What is BBM Program and why should students go for it?
Bachelor in Business Management (BBM) is a core management degree having multi-disciplinary subjects related to management. This is not a new or unknown program as it has remained in major universities in the world since a long time. The program is designed to address national and international needs of management education with the aim of creating entrepreneurs, and preparing managers and leaders. 

How are you promoting BBM in the market?
Trinity International College stands for strong academic excellence, a learning culture and a centre of personal and professional growth. At Trinity, we focus on both personal and professional development of students beyond academic benefits. We help to create compelling future of students and develop critical skills in those areas which make major impacts in personal, academic, and professional level. Our dedicated faculties in each subject will make the learning process rewarding and enriching. 

What types of job opportunities are there for BBM graduates?
Since BBM focuses on case-based managerial education and leadership development based on the latest knowledge of IT, computer and data-based management, it gives you access to enter in any organization and department from banking and insurance to sectors to 
government service, NGOs and INGOs; from entrepreneurship and stock market to sales, marketing and E-commerce; from travel, tourism and hospitality sector to human resources department in organizations in Nepal and abroad. 

Why do employers prefer BBM graduates?
While seeking management graduates, top corporate and MNCs focus on those individuals who have strong communication and management skills. Similarly, if anyone is ready with practical skills and knowledge in computer and technology, they can be picked quickly by corporate houses. 
In both of these cases, BBM would come in number one priority among business organizations. 
The reason is clear as BBM is  specifically focused on developing management, communication, and critical and creative thinking backed by the most updated curriculum based on IT, computer and data-based management. 





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