BBS offers reality-based skills and specializations

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As increasing number of new companies, fuelled by unprecedented growth in science and technology, swarm into the market, the world of business has turned into a battle ground where global business giants can rise or fall in matter of years. 

Until a few decades ago, it would have been unimaginable to think companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and YouTube driving the world. Or, imagine companies like Nokia phase out of the global business scene.  Needless to say, Business Studies have become all the more important. 

Bachelor of Business Studies, a four-year program conducted by Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management, seeks to produce new generation of business leaders capable of catering to the changing need of the corporate world. 

An annual exam-based program, BBS is aimed at grooming students into dynamic managers having ability to handle responsibilities of the business world. The course was designed by considering the fact that graduates will have to live in very challenging and competitive environment. 

The course offers its students the opportunity to understand the practical aspect of the business world and acquire reality-based skills required to organize and manage organizations of any form. The program offers specializations in general management, marketing management, finance and accountancy and management science. 

BBS course imparts better analytical skills, dedication spirit

Amit Sthapit
BBS Coordinator
Prime College

Why do students prefer BBS? Why should they study it? 
Bachelor’s of Business Studies (BBS) is one of the highly-demanded courses offered by Tribhuwan University. This course contains an in-depth study of various management disciplines like finance, marketing, accountancy and business management, among others, so as to help students strengthen their professional careers.  BBS course lays a strong foundation in the area of applied business. It is quite helpful in various managerial fields and empowers students to tackle corporate issues. It makes students capable of overcoming challenges of the present corporate world and consumerism. 

How are you promoting the course in the market? 
BBS doesn’t require aggressive promotion as it carries a reputed legacy among the business and management study courses offered by the major universities in the world. Most of the students are already well aware of its course contents and its the benefits. Considering these facts, we just try to guide the students if they have any confusion.  I rather wonder why some students with good academic backgrounds do not consider BBS programs. They prefer fancy courses that are advertised in the market. BBS has strong theoretical foundation that is a pre-requisite to deal with every business problems.

Prime College, in this regard, is trying to change the paradigm to position BBS as a masterpiece course in business studies among the colleges who have been offering BBS programs. Keeping in mind the challenges of a global and highly competitive market, Prime College offers BBS course with a new dimension.

Along with the regular curriculum of the university, we offer our students with many value-added professional courses like computer proficiency training, job preparation training, project management training, accounting boot camps, stock market trainings, insurance trainings, team building trainings and many hands-on experiences that will help students to fill the gap of knowledge between academics and real professional world. We also arrange guest lecturers to make students acquainted with the real-world business problems relating to the theoretical knowledge. 

What type of opportunities are there in the market for BBS graduates? 
BBS graduates get a wide range of opportunities in national as well as global market. They can compete in various sectors of the job market. They can pursue a career in banking, insurance, stock market, multi-national companies and even can start their own business and establish them as entrepreneurs. And of course, they can compete for government jobs as well. 

Mostly BBS graduate students get better job opportunities as general manager, finance managers, marketing manager, among others. Apart from this they can even pursue a career in teaching and training. After BBS, they can pursue higher studies in Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Business Studies (MBS), Masters of Business Management (MBM) and Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology (MBA-IT). The opportunities are in fact boundless. 

Why do employers prefer BBS graduates? 
Most of the employers, both government and private organizations, prioritize BBS graduates because the curriculum is designed in such a way that it trains students to develop a regular reading habit which in return provides them in-depth knowledge about real business world.  It is even seen that BBS graduates have better analytical skills, which are must for complex business world to make better and productive decisions. BBS students become self-dependent and research-oriented. As such, their dedication level is also high. They are empowered with better interpersonal skills which are the foremost needs of the modern business world. 

What are some basic requirements to study BBS? 
TU offers a BBS course to students from any stream. To enroll in BBS course, students should have complete their 10+2 or equivalent studies with at least D+ grade or a minimum score of second division mark in each subject. Though entrance test is not a mandatory requirement, but students have to fulfill criterion set by the college. 

What are the latest elements introduced in the program? 
Up until 2072 BS, BBS was 3 years program. However, from 2073 B.S it has been upgraded into a 4-year program. Since then the program has been able to fulfill international requirement of 16 years of education to get enrolled in postgraduate program at any university. 
This has introduced several important changes in the disciplines and has filled gaps that were present in previous BBS course. Along with that TU has planned to revise its syllabus once every 5 years and as part of the plan, university has made remarkable changes in course curriculum over the years.  In some subjects question pattern for board exam has also been changed so that the students can perform better and justify their understanding of the course content. As of a part of the change, in final year students have to prepare project report in their respective specialization. 

What skills and knowledge are unique to the BBS program?
BBS is a core management course that caters to the need of contemporary business world. Students pursuing BBS course acquire very strong conceptual knowledge in the field of management, finance, accounting, marketing, and other contemporary subjects.  This makes students capable to compete with other faculties and stand out in the competition. In addition to that, BBS students get in-depth knowledge on business research methodologies and this helps them to conduct researches that aim to solve complexity of the modern business world. 

What areas should the government, universities and authorities concerned should work on to improve the quality of education? 
Well, I am overwhelmed to answer this question. In fact these are the topic we academicians have been discussing for decades. The question you arose has no straight forward answer. Rather all the three parties you have mentioned should think seriously to uplift the quality of education.  However, these three parties have prepared an environment that focuses on making the education sector a viable and profitable business.  In the process, this has resulted in compromising quality of the education. 

For instance, our slogan “quality education for all” is limited only in rhetoric. Because only those who can afford can get admission in the courses that they want to pursue, which is against the main essence of the country’s constitution.  We become helpless when our competent graduates queue up to apply for the low-skilled foreign job opportunities. They would contribute greatly to the national economy, if they were provided employments in the domestic market. The major factor behind the poor quality of the education is the politicization of the sector. Key personnel are appointed based on political affiliation, rather than their qualification. 

What are the things that students must be clear about before joining this course? 
Actually, before joining BBS, every student should know that this course carries equal or even high value than any other management course. Students should be clear about their future goals and the career they want to pursue. In fact this applies not only for the students planning to join BBS but equally applies for every student before joining any course. BBS isn’t inferior to any other management course. It’s the best platform to get in-depth knowledge in the field of management. Students should even take in mind that to excel in BBS they must follow 5 Ds for success: desire, direction, discipline, dedication and devotion.

BSc CSIT has global employment scope 

Ganga Subba
Program Coordinator
Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology

Why do students prefer BSc CSIT? Why should they study it?
Today world is becoming more and more reliant on the use of information technology and this has indeed created a huge demand for experts in the field of information and technology. 
IT has become one of the most popular subjects of choice for students all over the world. BSc CSIT course is one of the top ranking courses in Nepal. 

It is a four-year, eight-semester program which is offered in the constituent and affiliated colleges of Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology. It has been developed with the objective to provide students with adequate theoretical, practical and technical knowledge in the field of information technology and administration. 

The tech market has been booming over the past few decades and shows no signs of slowing down. BSc CSIT combines the study of software and hardware, information and communication technologies, to provide students with the skills needed for a challenging and evolving sector. 
It includes project work and internship program where student gets hands- on experience on real world projects. Along with this, the program offers many elective courses. 

How are you promoting this program in the market?

We have been conducting various activities along with the syllabus provided by TU. We organize IT career expo every year where students get the opportunity to know about the achievements made in the local and global IT industry. IT experts share facts about opportunities and challenges in the sector. 

Similarly college conducts guest lectures, seminars, workshops, IT trainings. Along with that we work with the CSIT Association of Nepal to organize programs like Girls in ICT, Hackathon, in different cities. Recently we organized Career Conclave program in association with CSIT Association of Nepal. 

What opportunities are there in the market for BSc CSIT graduates?
IT has entered and benefited all the sectors. So, BSc CSIT graduates have career opportunity in government, non-government, private and public organizations, like software companies, telecommunications, and computer networking companies. 

They are especially employed as software developers, web developers, application developer, network administrator, database administrator, IT manager/officer, search engine optimization officers, cryptographers, among others. 

Why do employers prefer BSc CSIT graduates?
The most prominent beauty of BSc CSIT is its updated curriculum that synchronizes the latest technological advances in the market. Combining both theory and practical elements, it is the top notch IT course in global perspective. 

What are the basic requirements to study BSc CSIT?
Students must have completed +2 or diploma, or its equivalent with physics and mathematics as major from any institution recognized by the TU with a minimum of grade C in each subject. Students from the A Level must have studied at least 100 marks mathematics and a minimum of D grade. Along with that students must also pass the entrance exam conducted by TU’s Institute of Science and Technology.

What are the latest elements introduced in BSc CSIT?
Recently market oriented courses like automation and robotics, game technology, mobile application development have been introduced in the course. 

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