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Life is never too pointless to be ended

Published On: February 22, 2024 09:30 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

"Priye Sufi," a book by Nepali author Subin Bhattarai, is a moving and consoling book. The story's primary lesson is to raise awareness among young people about suicidal thoughts and lifestyle decisions, which typically involve choosing death over dealing with difficulties. A sumo jeep traveling from Birgunj to Kathmandu is where the story's opening scene takes place. While traveling, the sumo pauses in the jungle of Amlekhgunj. One of the female passengers seems to need assistance, so she dials her phone to ask for it. Our narrative starts to advance there shortly after a Scorpio (Vehicle) comes to her aid. We learn that the family that owns the Scorpio has a son who recently attempted suicide due to failure in his romantic life. To motivate that boy and calm the family's heated atmosphere, the female passenger begins our story. 

The narrative centers on a lovely sisterly relationship. Sada Chhetri, the protagonist of this story, is a graduate student from Tri Chandra College seeking a degree in microbiology. Sada, an introvert who prefers to enjoy herself alone and believes that it is better to live in the past or look forward to the future rather than enjoy the present, is the main character of the book. She resides in Budhanilkantha with her father and sister. Sufi is Sada's sister, and she is adored by all of their families, neighbors, and other loved ones. Sufi is outgoing, gorgeous, intelligent, and loving. Sada constantly feels inferior to Sufi, her younger sister, due to her introvert nature and doubtful character. Sada is in her first year of college for her master's degree and has a crush on her classmate Sarthak KC. Sarthak is a typical boy, but for her, he served as both a lifeline and a justification for going to college every day. 

However, although she loves him madly, they are never introduced to one another. Sarthak shows up one day while she is in the college's parking lot and introduces himself to Sada. Their friendship officially starts there. Following that, the plot starts to take different directions. What follows then? What will occur next? One may only be assured of the storylines and endings after thoroughly reading the book. The book's originality and certain magnetism keep readers interested until the very end. Even I was impatient to finish it quickly so I could find out the outcome. The narrative isn't just original in terms of its plot; it may also be highly moving and inspiring at the same time. I would reply that each character has its charm and originality if I were asked to comment on them. As a result, everyone was a fabulous individual. Similar to Sada, who is an introvert and wise but occasionally stubborn, she resents her younger sister. She also tends to spend her time alone rather than associating herself with phony people, and she doesn't forget people who have wronged her easily. 

Sufi, highlighted in the narrative as Sada's younger sister, is an extrovert, smart, and compassionate individual. Even though she is aware that her sister does not favor her, she still loves her. And does not in any way interfere with her privacy. Sarthak is portrayed as a disorganized and clumsy character. Without worrying about the future, he enjoys living each day to the fullest. He is brave by nature. At the beginning of Sada's difficult time, he also continued to love her unconditionally. However, his carelessness and clumsiness cause him to declare a desire to stop his romantic relationship with the protagonist and concentrate on his own life. The story portrays so many emotions at once that the reader is compelled to confront the roller coaster of fluctuating emotions. The story's setting in a normal Nepali society which occasionally evokes their own experiences with the community, allowing readers to relate better to the story. 

The book has left quite an impressive impression on me in terms of its climax. The book offers a unique experience for everyone because of the writing, the plot, and the storyline. Reading this book can change the lives of those who struggle with anxiety, sadness, and life disappointments. It benefits not only depressed people but also those who view life as an exam rather than a gift and those who have faced multiple rejections in life. And it assists individuals who haven't yet found their purpose and meaning in life by giving them a new perspective of life. It has provided numerous miraculous definitions of existence that can alter one's entire outlook. The plot also demonstrates how one can overcome a severe trauma by thinking positively and remaining composed. Moreover, it's never too late to begin pursuing your interest. This book has no weak points, in my opinion. I therefore believe that the narrative's slow tempo contributes to its distinctive flavor. I, therefore, encourage everyone to read the book "Priye Sufi" at least once and also recommend it to someone you believe is struggling with their life, because I had a positive and very motivating experience with it.








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